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Pool Services in Bridgehampton, NY & Surrounding Cities Like Sag Harbor & East Hampton

We can construct pools and perform maintenance services like cleaning, opening and closing, and more.

If you want professionals to handle all your swimming pool needs, look no further than our team at Elite Pools! We offer top-notch pool services to residential properties in Bridgehampton, Sag Harbor, East Hampton, NY, and other nearby areas. We can construct gunite and vinyl pools, renovate them, and perform maintenance services like cleaning, opening and closing, childproofing, and repairs, plus much more. Call us at (631) 537-5055 for an estimate today!

Pool Construction

Worker installing tile for a pool in Bridgehampton, NY.

If you want to add a swimming pool to your outdoor living space, look no further than our pool construction service! Our team has the skills and expertise to install gunite and vinyl pools, which can be freshwater or saltwater, depending on your preferences. We also follow an intricate, step-by-step process to ensure we do it right and give you a long-lasting, durable pool. This process involves obtaining a permit, prepping the site for where your new swimming pool will go, installing it, and filling it with water.

Not only that, but we even provide renovation services! For example, we can add new features, upgrade equipment, give gunite pools a new finish, install a new liner for vinyl ones, and more. Additionally, we can install pool heaters to keep the water warm so that you can continue to enjoy it even when the temperatures drop! Here are the pool construction services we offer:

Some features we commonly add to swimming pools include sun shelves, spas, sitting benches, and automatic pool covers.

Pool Maintenance

Worker in Bridgehampton, NY, repairing a pool.

We offer pool maintenance services to ensure your swimming pool stays in optimal condition without you having to do any work. We can routinely clean it to keep the water pristine, which involves adding a chemical treatment and vacuuming debris off the bottom; we also drain and pressure wash gunite pools. We also handle closing it for the winter and opening it back up in the spring, plus childproofing to make your outside area safer for children with a baby fence and automatic door alarms.

If you think there's something wrong with your pool, our experts can thoroughly inspect it to locate the issue. We'll look for leaks, check the overall condition of its shell or liner, and determine whether all the equipment, such as heaters, filters, and pumps, are working as they should. Then, we can perform any necessary repairs. Meanwhile, we provide a winter pool service, where we'll visit twice a month to check the pool cover and inspect the plumbing and water levels. Here are all the pool maintenance services available:

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At Elite Pools, we offer a comprehensive selection of pool services to homeowners in Bridgehampton, NY, and throughout the surrounding areas, such as Sag Harbor and East Hampton. You can trust that our team can construct your dream swimming pool, which can be gunite or vinyl, and we'll ensure it stands the test of time so you can enjoy it year after year. On the other hand, you can also turn to us for any maintenance that comes with your pool, whether repairing leaks, childproofing it, opening and closing it, and anything in between. Call us today at (631) 537-5055 to schedule any of our pool services!

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